08 September 2008

Herald Strikes Gold With Daley Video

A local newspaper’s video interview with Olympics star Tom Daley has been seen by almost 190,000 users on YouTube.

The Plymouth Herald recorded the video in spring this year and saw views take off after the young diver became one of the most famous faces among the Team GB athletes.

Web editor Neil Shaw told HoldTheFrontPage.co.uk that the video simply wouldn’t have been seen by anything near the current total had it been placed only on The Herald's website.

He said: “The video is branded with The Herald’s logo so this success has meant our name is now known across the world and is associated with content people want to watch.”

Shaw added: “We started uploading our videos to YouTube a few months ago, as well as uploading them to our own video player, and find it to be a fantastic way to get our content ‘out there’ and have it noticed.”

As well as being featured on the YouTube homepage, the video has attracted over 450 comments and was made a favourite by visitors.

Another regional newspaper making waves with its multimedia coverage of a local Olympian’s success is the Mansfield Chad.

Journalists provided extensive coverage on the double gold medal haul of Mansfield swimmer Rebecca Adlington.

This included real-time updates during her final races as well as photo slideshows and video footage of her homecoming parade.

Further details on the Chad’s coverage can be found at HoldTheFrontPage.co.uk.

[Disclosure: The Mansfield Chad is a Johnston Press publication.]

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