04 April 2008

‘Undercover Criminal’ Video Shows Arrest Process

An online video has revealed what goes on behind closed doors in Cornwall’s police cells.

Shot by journalists at thisiscornwall.co.uk, the film tells the story of one man’s arrest – from the moment police apprehend him, through his night in custody to his release the following day.

The man pretending to be a drunken citizen is in fact West Briton community editor Jeff Reines, who worked alongside local police officers to produce the video.

As well as filming the “arrest”, the team followed Reines after his arrival at the station and saw him deprived of his possessions as he experienced the legal process for someone charged as drunk and disorderly.

Reines then took a camera with him to record his night in the police station cell, and provided regular updates of his thoughts and feelings.

The video, which can be viewed on thisiscornwall’s video player, will also be used by the police for training purposes.



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