03 April 2008

Google Trends Is “Essential” Tool

News publishers should use Google Trends to improve their incoming traffic from the search engine.

According to the Online Journalism Review, the data service is an essential tool for digital newspapers as it enables them to compare the popularity of different search terms.

“With Google Trends, you can test related search terms that are not showing up in your traffic logs, to see if they are, in fact, more popular than the terms people are using to find your site,” asserts Niles.

He adds: “If they are, you will have found the terms you need to start emphasising in your site’s content and navigation design.”

Interestingly, Niles also did a little research of his own and found out that “Weather” is as common as “News” in the world of Google searches.

He notes: “Search data suggests that there is significant public interest in weather, meriting prominent placement on news websites.”

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