01 April 2008

Iraq Story Told Via Multimedia

A new website uses an array of tools to document journalistic coverage of the conflict in Iraq.

Bearing Witness represents the testimony of more than 100 Reuters employees who have reported on the country since the US and British invasion in 2003.

The multimedia site combines video footage with arresting photographic images, talking heads, maps and data graphics to tell the story of Iraq as Reuters staff saw it.

As well as an introduction from the agency’s former Iraq Bureau chief Andrew Marshall, Bearing Witness features an interactive timeline of events and maps overlaid with religious and ethnic boundaries.

In addition, the website has a significant number of links to other resource centres or institutions ordered by categories such as Fatalities, Humanitarian and Military.

The Editors Weblog says Bearing Witness “is an excellent example of merging online journalism and multimedia to engage the viewer”.

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