01 April 2008

Top Tips From The 10 Best News Blogs

A guide to the best newspaper blogs posting breaking news has been compiled by a US blogging expert.

Ryan Sholin has published his list of the top ten mainstream media blogs to show journalists what they “should be doing with an all-purpose breaking news blog”.

Topping the chart is The Lede from the New York Times, which Sholin rates highly for its substantial number of links to other news sources and blogs, and its use of embedded YouTube clips.

Sholin also cites USA Today’s On Deadline breaking news blog for its frequent updates and The Trail blog at the Washington Post for its “short and sweet” reports.

In the post entitled “10 blogs your newspaper needs to rip off”, Sholin asserts: “These are all great examples of blogs that get news up in a timely way without a great deal of waiting around for a daily-print-cycle-based editorial process to wrap up.”

He adds: “If you run a newspaper.com and you don’t have a blog like this to put together links and short updates, ask yourself why not.”

Sholin is currently writing a thesis about the adoption of weblogs by the American mainstream media.

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