18 October 2007

Multimedia Is Plain Sailing For Reporter

A local journalist is making the most of multimedia opportunities to bring readers news of her fantastic voyage.

Jane Harper trained to become part of the crew of the Hull and Humber Clipper and has been giving an insight into her transatlantic experiences through posting video clips, still photos and blog entries on a website created by her colleagues at the Hull Daily Mail.

The intrepid journalist not only had to learn to sail, but also had to be trained in using all the filming and editing equipment so she can produce packages for the web, reports Press Gazette.

According to the RaceForGlory site, Harper is currently on her way to Salvador as the clipper closes in on its final destination of Brazil and users can also follow the crew’s progress via the online tracker.

“This is the chance of a lifetime for Jane but it’s also a great opportunity to provide some genuinely compelling content in words, photos and video,” said senior assistant editor Paul Hartley.

He added: “The newsdesk can’t simply pick up the phone and talk to her, so we’ve had to come up with some different ways of operating to keep in touch and give her feedback.

“The videos, including one of dolphins shadowing the boat, have really helped to bring the race to life.”

In the week in which citizen journalism pioneer Jay Rosen asserted that journalists are facing a voyage across a “digital sea” (see UClan Forum Debates Citizen Journalism - 18.10.07), Harper seems to be taking his words literally and embarking on a multimedia journey of discovery across the oceans.



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