10 October 2007

NCTJ Seeks Views On Photo Training

The National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) is appealing for expert views on draft proposals to modernise its training programme for press photographers.

Members of the NCTJ’s photography board are keen for its schemes to keep pace with changes in the industry and have drafted a series of possible alterations to address the challenges posed by the digital age.

The body is now seeking feedback on these proposals from established press photographers, picture editors, newspaper editors and other relevant personnel.

In addition, the NCTJ is appealing for opinions and suggestions on any further changes that could be made to enhance its preliminary and national certificate examination courses.

"Newspapers are changing very quickly and we need to ensure that future press photographers and photo-journalists meet the demands required by the industry,” said Ian Day, Yorkshire Post picture editor and member of the NCTJ board.

“Multimedia and video products are now a core part of newspapers and this consultation document demonstrates how the NCTJ intends to modernise the photography syllabus, which will enable students and trainees to meet their changing role in newspapers,” he added.

Among the issues addressed are training in video shooting and editing and the question of whether a clear distinction needs to be drawn between traditional press photographers and photojournalists.

Click here to see the consultation document.

Views can be expressed via the NCTJ website and on a dedicated blog.



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