16 October 2007

Baby’s Cry Adds Drama To Online Story

A Welsh newspaper has enlivened the story of a last-minute homebirth by including an audio clip of the 999 call.

The Wrexham Evening Leader reported the tale of the impatient newborn in print as well as online and boosted its emotional impact by giving users the chance to hear the actual moment when little Mille Barlow entered the world.

Millie was delivered by her father Roy with the telephone assistance of an ambulance controller and their gripping five-minute conversation can be heard on the newspaper’s website.

Editor-in-chief Barrie Jones told holdthefrontpage.co.uk: "There's no other way we could have got across the emotional impact of a live birth, or given justice to the paramedic's dead-pan delivery of the line 'remember, the baby will be slippery - don't drop it!'"

He added: "This story about the paramedic was printed in the main edition of our newspaper with a clear reference to what was available on our website.

"This generates traffic to our site and offers our readers something a bit extra."



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