08 December 2008

Independent Invites Blogging Readers

The Independent has launched a blogging platform where readers can post their thoughts on the news and other topics.

Independent Minds is hosted by LiveJournal and is an online space for the audience and for the newspaper’s journalists to create their own blogs, reports e-consultancy.com.

According to the site: “Independent Minds brings The Independent’s journalists together with its readers.”

It continues: “Post your thoughts, keep a blog, and air your opinions among likeminded users.”

Graham Charlton has carried out a quick review of the new hybrid blogging platform for e-consultancy and he lists plenty of positives and a couple of things that need improving.

Among the plus points are the website’s user-friendly features and the fact that it’s well promoted across The Independent’s homepage.

However, he also notes that Independent Minds could make it easier for visitors to browse the actual blogs and to search for points of interest.

Charlton concludes: “Having lagged behind other newspaper websites in adapting to the internet and Web 2.0 features like blogging, The Independent seems to be catching up online.”

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