02 December 2008

Hyperlocal News Not In BBC’s Sights

A spokesman for the BBC has said it’s not interested in providing online news beyond the local level.

Speaking at an Ofcom conference, David Holdsworth said it has never been the corporation’s intention to enter the world of hyperlocal news where stories are covered at postcode level.

Press Gazette reports that the BBC’s acting director of English regions reaffirmed that the broadcaster’s future plans are restricted to local TV, radio and web news.

“There are three markets – there’s a regional market, a local market and there’s hyperlocal,” said Holdsworth.

“I think that [last area is] a market for weekly newspapers and postcoded websites that newspapers are developing.”

He concluded: “We, like quite a few web providers, are keen to use maps more effectively going forward in the way we present our information. There is no other intention beyond that.”

The BBC recently saw its online video proposals rejected by the BBC Trust.

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