25 November 2008

Topix Launches Links Tool

Online newspapers can now deploy a free widget from Topix to provide related story links to their own content.

The news aggregator claimed its ReLinx headline widget can be easily integrated with various content management systems and produces real-time link results.

In a press release, Topix also stated that the widget can be used by news sites as an inline linking option.

Chief executive Chris Tolles said: “News sites invest precious time and money in generating original content, but it’s often difficult to package that information to take full advantage of the Web’s interactivity.”

The widget is being used by US site – TwinCities.com – and its senior online editor said ReLinx proved easy to install.

Chris Clonts added: “The links it generates are amazingly relevant, giving us a tool to drive users deeper into our site and freeing up the producers for other tasks.”

Topix is a news aggregation site which links to both mainstream media sites and discussions threads on forums.

Among its core investors are US regional press publishers Gannett, the McClatchy Company and the Tribune Company.

[HT - Editor & Publisher.]

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