19 November 2008

Virtual Reporters Scoop Second Life Story

News agency reporters entered the virtual world of Second Life to secure interviews with a couple who had hit the headlines in real life.

Two journalists at South West News approached the pair through their Second Life avatars after they proved shy and elusive in the real world.

According to Guardian.co.uk: “Virtual reporters picked their way through imagined streets, clubs and homes to try to get the story of how an indiscretion in computerland had led to a real life marriage break-up.”

Through their virtual doorstepping, the reporters were granted access to both players’ alter egos who gave them quotes about the Second Life cheating which had led to their split.

Journalist Paul Adcock told guardian.co.uk that it had proved tricky tracking down the Newquay couple’s avatars online.

“It was difficult sometimes because there was a blurring between reality and Second Life.”

[Picture from Second Life.]

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