13 November 2008

‘Embrace Video Or Die!’

Newspapers have to get to grips with online video if they want to survive in the future, according to Michael Rosenblum.

The video journalism visionary said reporters need to accept and embrace the new platform rather than hide away from it, reports Press Gazette.

Rosenblum pointed to comparative industries where the failure to harness new technologies has resulted in businesses going bust or falling behind.

He told the assembled audience at the Society of Editors conference: “As the web goes to video there’s a sort of Gresham’s Law - more dynamic media drives out less dynamic media.”

The former CBS producer added: “If you only have print or stills and your competitor has video, you’re going to get eaten.”

And he said there are no excuses for journalists to shy away from video now that the technology has become relatively cheap and easy.

“Any idiot can do this, making TV is not hard, it’s not complicated, it’s not difficult. The technology makes it incredibly simple.”

Rosenblum continued: “A nine-year-old can produce professional material and the cost is next to zero.”

Visit the Society of Editors site for further details on his speech, meanwhile guardian.co.uk has a video interview with Rosenblum on its Organ Grinder blog.

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