18 November 2008

How To Build An Online Community

Ten ways for the news media to grow and nurture online communities have been published by Mitch Joel.

According to the digital marketing pioneer, little changes can make a big difference to both small and large companies.

Here are some excerpts from his post, 10 Things Every Newspaper and Magazine Must Do:


Joel asserts that tags make content easier to search and also enable users to decide whether a piece is of interest to them.


“It’s the idea of adding a bunch of related links, posts and articles at the bottom of every piece of content and demonstrating to your readers how connected your content is and what else might interest them.”

Joel says that providing such information “builds tremendous loyalty and interest”.


“Many smart newspapers post a Blog directory to let their readers know in one simple and easy area how to connect and find these great additional resources.”


Joel believes that comments posted by users “brings your content to life”.


“Most newspapers drive readers to their generic website address in hopes that the reader will scour and dig to find the content that took them there.

“Here’s a real newsflash: they will not.”

Instead, Joel advocates encouraging web users to read the print issue and using the newspaper as a platform for extending conversations started online.

Visit Joel’s Twist Image blog for the full post.

[HT - Martin Stabe.]

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