08 December 2008

NCE Includes Video Exam For Snappers

The industry’s main exam for established press photographers now includes a video component, reports Press Gazette.

Photographers taking the NCE assessment will have to produce a video package to required standards.

Five local news cameraman have already sat the video exam, which asked participants to create a short film (3 to 5 minutes) featuring at least one interview on a given topic.

According to the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), producing good video is now a necessary skill for press photographers.

“The board believes it is vital for press photographers and photojournalists to be able to shoot video in a creative way for the web,” said Steve Phillips, chief examiner for photography with the NCTJ.

“Videos must be much more than talking heads to compete with the rest of the media and photographers who already have high visual skills are ideally placed to produce high quality footage for their publications.”

[Photo from brianz photostream on Flickr.]

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