20 October 2008

Post & Echo Live Blog Murder Trial

Two Liverpool newspapers are using a live blog to offer almost real-time online coverage of a murder trial.

Journalists at the Echo and the Daily Post email updates to the shared blog from Liverpool Crown Court where a man is being tried for the murder of schoolboy Rhys Jones.

According to HoldTheFrontPage.co.uk, the court-based reporters send copy to their respective newsdesks where it is checked before being put onto the live blog.

The Echo’s news editor Maria Breslin said the live blog, using CoverItLive software, forms part of the newspaper’s aim to provide full coverage of the high-profile case.

“What we’re looking to do with the blog is cover the trial as comprehensively as possible.”

She added that the court updates initiative has so far met with a “positive response” from the audience.

And she also revealed that some comments from users, which can currently not be shown due to legal reasons, will be published following the trial’s conclusion.

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