16 October 2008

Papers Launch Regional Wiki

A group of newspapers has launched a wiki with the aim for it to become an “encyclopaedic reference for the North East of England”.

Journalists at several of the region’s Trinity Mirror titles have collaborated to produce wikinortheast.co.uk, reports HoldTheFrontPage.co.uk.

(Wikis enable users to create and edit content – more information on them can be found on this Spotlight Post which we created in June this year.)

The brainchild of a Web developer, the wiki has content spread across seven different subject titles – including Art & Culture, History & Heritage, Sport and Environment.

Within each heading there are then entries on people, places, events and topics and these can be added to by any registered member.

Registered users can also create their own topics within the subject areas and can edit articles written by others.

Evening Chronicle editor Paul Robertson explained that the wiki provides a platform where newspapers and readers can share their knowledge about the region.

He said: “We have an amazing archive of material on all manner of subjects but we also have an army of readers in the region across our titles who have their own mines of information which they now have an opportunity to share through wikinortheast.

“If the amount of work put in is anything to go by it deserves to be a success and the site has already attracted positive comments even though it has only just gone live.”

The site came about after Trinity Mirror asked staff to contribute ideas for innovation in journalism.

Louise Midgley from NCJ Media won the contest and will receive a share of any profits which are generated by the wiki.

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