09 October 2008

‘Four In Ten Bloggers Write About News’

News is the fourth most popular topic among writers in the Technorati-indexed blogosphere.

Some 42% of bloggers consider News to be one of their blogging subjects, reveals The 2008 State of the Blogosphere Report from the blog search engine.

Using data from the Technorati index and from blogger surveys, the study shows that News comes fourth behind Personal/Lifestyle, Technology and the Other category for issues outside the main ones.

The five-part report was recently released over five days and provides a useful overview of who is blogging, what they are blogging about and whether they are making any money from it.

Section One is devoted to the demographics of the blogosphere and states that two-thirds are male, half are between the ages of 18-34 and some 70% have a higher education.

Part Two is called The What and Why of Blogging and contains information on blog topics, tone and how they impact on the lives of their authors.

The How of Blogging is the theme of day three’s report with details on frequency of posts and the use of online tools.

Published on day four was the making money stuff with data on the number of blogs carrying advertising and how much revenue bloggers are making.

And the final section looks at brand use on blogs and bloggers’ views on the future of the medium, especially in terms of its relationship with traditional media.

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