01 April 2009

Saving News – Future Business Models

The month of March saw an outpouring of blog posts and online essays on the subject of news models for the future.

From Clay Shirky’s provocative piece about the way the industry handled change to the latest State of the News Media report from PEJ, academics and bloggers spent last month sharing their hopes, fears and suggestions for the future.

Professor Jay Rosen from New York University described March as a period of “deep think as people came to terms with the collapse of the newspaper model, and tried looking ahead”.

On his PressThink blog, he has therefore produced a “Flying Seminar in the Future of News”, featuring links to 12 of these essays.

He has also included a review under each link, outlining some of the main talking points.

Among the pieces featured is a post about paid content from Reflections of a Newsosaur blogger Allan Mutter and a post on digital structures and content from Josh Young of Network(ed) News.

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