27 March 2009

BBC Shows Bookmarked Content

Articles which have been shared most by users on social media sites are now displayed on the BBC news page.

Previously, the Most Popular Stories Now box showed the Most Emailed, Most Read and Most Watched/Listened.

But in recognition of the growing popularity of social bookmarking and recommendation websites, the BBC has changed Most Emailed to Most Shared.

This then takes into account not just articles which users have emailed to one another but also stories they have shared via sites such as Digg and Facebook.

Writing about the change on The BBC Editors blog, news website editor Steve Herrmann said the change was introduced in order “to get a broader range of input to these recommendations”.

Herrmann also used the blog to announce that the Most Read section will continue to include ten headlines after it proved a success with users.

The Editors blog welcomes any feedback about these changes in the comments section of Herrmann’s blog post.

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