03 November 2008

Americans Take Cameras To Polls

Voters in tomorrow’s US elections are being encouraged to film their voting experiences and post them online.

YouTube and PBS have teamed up to launch the Video Your Vote channel, where users can upload and share their election films.

And the pick of the user-generated content will be broadcast on a PBS election programme, reports CyberJournalist.net.

Users categorise their videos into groups such as “Voter Intimidation”, “Voting Perspectives” and “Polling Place Projects,” and they are then displayed as pins on a Google map.

The channel makes clear that it wants a broad range of videos, rather than just a visual record of people’s votes.

“Shoot a video of your voting experience before or on Election Day. Document the energy and excitement, as well as any problems you may see.”

The channel has a significant number of videos already submitted, many under the “Early Voting” tag.

And among the most popular is this video (almost 90,000 views so far) showing the voting experience of An American Abroad.

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