07 July 2008

Share What You Read At NYT

The New York Times has launched what it terms a “social network for Times readers”.

Users who sign up to the new TimesPeople service can recommend articles, blogs and reviews to other members as well as create their own networks of fellow NYT surfers.

Readers will be given their own profile page where they can view their recent activities and browse their readers’ network.

In addition, the plug-in enables users to share their activities on the NYT site with others and to see what different people are looking at.

Activity pages can also be displayed and accessed as mini-feeds on Facebook profiles and as RSS feeds.

According to the NYT, the new feature “is not a social network like Facebook or MySpace - you won’t have Times friends, and it won’t get you Times dates.

“Instead, you’ll assemble a network of Times readers.”

The NYT continues: “TimesPeople is a great way to discover things on NYTimes.com that you might not otherwise have found and to share your discoveries with people you know and trust.

“It’s also a way to connect with other Times readers whose recommendations interest you.”

Further details on TimesPeople can be found at Journalism.co.uk and on its FAQs page.

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