25 June 2008

Boston.com Employs Geotagging Partner

The website of the Boston Globe has enlisted a third party to geotag all its content.

MetaCarta will geocode all articles uploaded to Boston.com and will also handle the geotagging of information taken from other websites for the Globe’s local search service.

This means visitors to the Globe’s site will be able to search for stories and information within their own hyperlocal area.

These search services are intended to improve user frequency and the number of page views.

According to the vice president of product at Boston.com, the new tagging service will enable readers to “zero in on locations that matter to them”.

Bob Kempf added: “We are committed to positioning content and offering functionality in ways that meet the needs of our audience and advertisers.

“We see that opportunity as increasingly local.”

More information on the deal can be found in the press release.



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