21 April 2008

“Turning Point” for Yahoo! Online Ads?

Yahoo! has announced that it will be launching its new online advertising management platform this year.

AMP! represents a union between the internet giant and a consortium of US newspaper publishers as they attempt to simplify web-based ad models.

Yahoo! says the system enables agencies to buy advertising space such as search, display or mobile by using a single integrated interface.

In addition, it claims that AMP! allows advertisers to target audiences by location, demographic features and their interests.

“We’re blown away by how Yahoo! is working with intensity and commitment to create a collaborative and very efficient platform that we expect will have a significant impact on our sales capabilities,” asserts Jay Smith, president of Cox Newspapers. “This is a turning point for our industry.

He adds: “We are equally excited about the tremendous value Yahoo! sees in our great local newspaper content, which is getting broader exposure nationally on some of Yahoo!’s most popular sites.”

A phased rollout of AMP! with participating newspapers is planned to begin in the third quarter of this year.

More information can be found in this press release from Yahoo! and this video demonstration of AMP!.



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