16 April 2008

Torch Troubles Broadcast Live By Mobile

Scuffles on the Olympic Torch route were filmed and broadcast in real-time online by an American journalist.

A Sacramento Bee reporter used a mobile phone to capture images of protestors in San Francisco and used Qik software to enable live streaming of the footage on the Web.

This was then downloaded by Bee staff to their own site’s embedded video player.

According to Journalism.co.uk, Manny Cristomo attached the phone to his digital video camera in order to get both live action shots and better quality footage to be edited and uploaded later.

Director of Multimedia Mark Morris said journalists at the Bee have only been using the Qik technology for the last fortnight.

He noted: “We see it as a way of posting editorial content immediately online, I think we had something posted on our site within 15 minutes of everything being transmitted into Qik.”

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