14 April 2008

Glimpse “The Future Of Online Video”

A film showing excerpts from a public meeting is a “fine example of newspaper video”, according to blogger and lecturer Mindy McAdams.

The author of the Teaching Online Journalism blog says the Las Vegas Sun’s coverage of a consultation about a proposed power station is “10,000 times better” than video packages put together by local TV channels.

Entitled “Are EPA coal emission standards strict enough?”, the video includes highlights from the event accompanied by explanatory graphics and narration.

McAdams writes: “This is real reporting that tells an important story, and it does so by virtue of (A) Having sent reporters to cover a meeting - in its entirety.

“(B) Using animated information graphics wherever possible to help explain the facts - during the video.

“(C) Writing meaningful, useful narration.

“(D) Carefully editing what must have been hours of live testimony and comments down to a compact package under five minutes.”

She concludes: “This is the future of online video, right here”.

In her blog post Some Fine Examples of Newspaper Video, McAdams also points out several other packages which demonstrate effective use of multimedia storytelling techniques.

They include the Spokesman Review’s “Last Call for Haircuts”, about twin brothers retiring from their barber business, and A Bronx School Revives from the New York Times.

It tells the story of a headteacher who turned around the fortunes of a struggling school, featuring interviews with the head, his colleagues and pupils.

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