14 April 2008

Six Steps To Successful SEO – Video

If you want your web video to be discovered via searches, you must do your groundwork first.

That’s the view of Pete Kocks, president of video search site Truveo, who gave Beet.TV his top tips for improving search engine optimisation (SEO) results for online video.

Truveo offers embedded searches on websites and is also the search unit for AOL, giving Kocks and his team an excellent idea of what users are looking for and how they find it.

His best practice tips to enhance SEO results for video are:

1 – Make your metadata as accurate and complete as possible.

2 – Ensure your video is categorised appropriately – such as news, entertainment etc.

3 – Promote the video via your own networks to attract a following.

According to Kocks, a video which has “become by itself popular” will fare better as people want to look at what’s popular within vertical searches.

He calls this the “chicken and egg situation” of web video – once it starts to become popular, it will gather momentum and become even more popular.

4 – Promote the video through other sites to attract a following.

5 – Pay a third party to distribute your video.

He recommends this for people starting out who want to become established quickly.

6 – Use your brand.

Kocks states that users like videos with a name attached – he lists examples such as CNN, ABC and NBC.

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