28 April 2008

Newspaper Blogs Must ‘Increase Interaction’

A study of newspaper blogs has concluded that they must “generate a conversation” if they are to emulate the success of independent blogs.

The joint project from two US universities looked at political blogs written by newspaper journalists during one week before autumn elections in 2006.

It found that commitment to blogging varies widely, with one in four blogs receiving no posts at all during the sample period.

Plus, research revealed that 80% of newspaper bloggers did not post any responses to comments submitted by readers during the five days.

Author Lori Demo writes: “These blogs offer individuals an opportunity to communicate outside the dominant media structure found in news stories, staff columns and letters to the editor.

“To be as effective as some of the more popular citizen-produced blogs, however, newspaper versions must attract an audience and generate a conversation.”

The paper also suggests that the mainstream media blogging landscape does not seem to support the notion that blogs have the potential to “save democracy and revive journalism”.

Further details on the study can be found on the Ball State University website.



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