17 March 2008

OS Maps The Future?

A mapping application from Ordnance Survey (OS) could be made available to digital journalists in the future.

The national agency is seeking feedback from online reporters to ascertain whether they would want access to its interactive mapping tool.

On his Online Journalism Blog, Paul Bradshaw reveals that the OS is looking at the possibility of offering the application as an alternative to Google Maps.

Bradshaw writes: “Now I think this is a great opportunity for the OS. Google Maps, as demonstrated by my mapping of OJB readers is not as usable as one would like.

“And the OS already has relationships with picture desks and news websites who make use of its mapping royalty-free to illustrate stories.”

OS spokesman Scott Sinclair says the tool is “aimed at web developers who want to experiment with our data. It goes down to street corner level and you can see the outlines of buildings”.

He adds: “It looks like 2008 will see more and more mapping applications emerging and I’m just keen to know how we can best serve journalists given the fact we map all of Great Britain to a high level of detail…”

Click here to see the OpenSpace application in action and visit the OJB to give your views about the mapping tool.



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