26 February 2008

Hyperlocal Key To Web Success?

Hyperlocal content is emerging as one of the drivers for success among online newspaper readerships.

According to new research, the focus on local community news is one of the core components for achieving growth with integrated audiences.

Executives with local newspapers which have seen rising numbers reading both print and digital content revealed that the other two key areas are photo-sharing and “relentless promotion”, reports Editor & Publisher.

The findings form part of an investigation conducted by Scarborough Research, which also showed that increases in online audiences are making up for 28% of the decline in print readership.

Gary Meo, senior vice president of print and digital services at Scarborough, commented: “The key is that website audience is slowing the erosion”.

He also stated that newspapers seeing integrated audience growth are doing “a lot to promote their websites,” adding, “and guess what? It’s working”.

Among the newspapers cited for achieving such growth are the Albuquerque Journal & Tribune, the Chicago Tribune, the Buffalo News, and the Greensboro News & Record.



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