26 February 2008

Tiinker Tailors News For You

A new website is enabling users to get the news they want by profiling their interests.

Tiinker offers a wide array of global news stories which visitors can rate with a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Using this and other information, the system begins to build a personalised profile of individual users and will adapt its offerings to their interests.

The Australian-based intelligent news aggregator also provides options such as “Popular” so visitors can view most-read stories alongside their personalised selection.

“Tiinker looks like a great service to help you sort through the massive amount of news published daily and gives you a more personal alternative to sites like Digg,” states a review on Read Write Web.

The article continues: “The interface itself is slick, fast, and easy to use” and “with tiinker, story selection is all about you and what you are into - you can’t even cross-reference your selections with others like you or your friends”.

According to the guys at tiinker, the site has had some great feedback already and they’re now looking into introducing “more substantial features including social tools”.



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