01 October 2007

Users ‘Trust’ Online Media Ads

Advertisements appearing on the websites of local newspaper groups are more likely to be trusted in comparison to those on non-media sites, claims new research.

The study from TNS Media reveals that adverts appearing alongside online local news content are 77 per cent more likely to be believed by readers when compared to advertising on different websites.

In addition, the report finds that the combination of local online and print media is 49 per cent more trusted than other news outlets such as commercial television.

“Online and print brands work together commercially as well as editorially, with websites clearly drawing on the same brand values that make local newspapers the most trusted media in the marketplace,” comments Jennie beck, head of the media monitoring group.

She adds: “Local media publishers were pioneers in online news provision and this research shows the value of that early investment.”

Further details on the study can be found at the Newspaper Society.



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