01 October 2007

Facial-Rec Future For Files?

Global news group Reuters is trialling a new search programme of its video archives using facial-recognition technology.

The software from Viewdle conducts frame-by-frame analysis of video news footage held in the firm’s archives which is designed to boost the probability of identifying people in crowd shots and to facilitate internal index systems.

At present, Face Search can be accessed at Reuters Labs where users are able to search for the subject of their choice.

For example, a search for Gordon Brown brings up his total screen appearances contained in the files from the start of last year and then lists each one with times, dates and the Reuters channel where it was screened.

“By implementing facial recognition capabilities throughout our consumer-facing video offerings with Viewdle, we can study the benefits of this search technology with an eye to using it with other Reuters video products,” commented Nic Fulton, chief scientist at Reuters.

Reuters is currently gathering feedback and statistical data on the new feature’s usability before deciding whether to integrate it into the main news site.

Further information on this story can be found at Journalism.co.uk and MediaPost.



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