01 July 2009

Knight News Reveals Winners

The nine recipients of this year’s Knight News Challenge grants have been announced this month, reports Journalism.co.uk.

Over $5 million (£3 million) is to be shared among the winning projects, all of which seek to provide innovative ways for news and data to be shared with communities.

Among the successful bidders are an open platform document-sharing scheme and a project to develop data visualisation tools.

Receiving over $350,000 from the Knight News Challenge is MediaBugs, which plans to create a national website where readers can report journalistic inaccuracies published online or in print.

The brainchild of Salon.com co-founder Scott Rosenberg, MediaBugs hopes to promote transparency among reporters when it comes to admitting and fixing their errors.

Another recipient of a significant sum is a wiki project from New York’s Gotham Gazette.

The online news provider will use its $250,000 grant to fund the creation of a wiki dedicated to the law-makers at the city council.

Gotham Gazette is planning to use the wiki to inform citizens about local politics and share information about city legislators.

Mobile journalism is the focus of a winning bid from the co-founder of MobileActive.

A $200,000 grant will fund the organisation’s plans to create the downloadable Mobile Media Toolkit.

The toolkit will feature applications for video and audio as well as a function enabling content distribution on social networking sites.

A list of the nine winning projects is available on this pdf file.

The Knight News Challenge is a five-year contest to fund community-focused digital journalism projects.

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