16 April 2009

Guardian Launches US Media Podcast

A new monthly podcast about the American media made its debut on guardian.co.uk last week.

Hosted by journalism professor Jeff Jarvis, Media Talk USA provides a view from across the Atlantic to complement the Guardian’s existing podcast on media happenings in the UK.

Jarvis, who is also a columnist on Guardian.co.uk, said the new podcast would “jump off the news to examine the state and fate of media with a variety of provocative guests”.

He noted that British listeners might find it a useful listen as they can “look at the wave of destruction overtaking US newspapers as the canary in the coal mine”.

The podcast features an interview with Arianna Huffington, who discusses the Huffington Post’s new investigative fund project.

Journalism professor Jay Rosen and Wall Street Journal reporter Elizabeth Holmes also make appearances on the inaugural podcast.

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