05 March 2008

Pole To Pole News Via Blog

A blog launched by the Newcastle Evening Chronicle is helping to forge new relations in the North East.

Poles to Newcastle acts as a bilingual information resource for Poles living on Tyneside, offering advice about settling into British society.

Updated weekly by Polish interpreter Alexandra Jarocka, the blog also aims to help Polish emigres find friends and learn about social events.

Evening Chronicle editor Paul Robertson told journalism.co.uk: “Hopefully Alex’s blog can help integrate the Polish community into life in the North East and provide a platform through the Chronicle where they can discuss issues or seek advice.”

And following feedback from English readers, the blog is becoming something of a cultural exchange tool as users have asked Jarocka to tell them things about life in Poland.

She writes: “I would like to let you know that this blog is getting very popular, not only with the Polish community but English too, which is fantastic.

“I am receiving a lot of letters from the English community asking if I can write about Poland as well as England, so we can all understand each others lives and so on.”



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