29 July 2007

Online Newspaper Visits Up

The Newspaper Association of America reports that more people visited newspaper Web sites in the second quarter of 2007 than ever before, according to an article in the trade journal Editor & Publisher.

About 37 percent of all active Internet users, a total of 59 million people, visited newspapers online from April to June, a 7.7 percent jump compared to the same period last year. Page views inched up during the quarter, to about 2.7 billion page views per month compared with 2.5 billion page views for the same period a year ago. And the average monthly time spent per person increased slightly to 40 minutes and 44 seconds, up from 39 minutes and 29 seconds in the 2006 period.

The month of May was also a record breaker, with more than 60 million people visiting online newspapers, up 6.7 percent compared to May 2006.

The NAA press release contains additional data.


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