21 October 2009

Mobile Journalism: the tools you need

Twitter, iPhones, Flips, Flickr, Geotagging, Facebook, MP3s…the influx of technology now involved in digital journalism can be overwhelming.

Every journalist is looking out for the next thing that will give them the edge when reporting the news, especially when they’re out on the street.

So what are the best tools for the job?

This is a question asked by Paul Bradshaw, Course Direct of the MA in Online Journalism at Birmingham City University’s School of Media, on his blog.

He has considered just what hardware, software, systems and mindset today’s mobile journalist needs and will be presenting his ideas in a lecture tomorrow (Thursday 22nd) which, as he says, in the spirit of mobile journalism, he will be streaming live on Bambuser from 9am UK time.

Some of the essentials Paul suggests include:

  • Smartphone with camera, video, audio, unlimited data plan

  • Digital camcorder, e.g. Flip, Kodak Zi8

  • Digital dictaphone or Zoom

  • Applications such as Spinvox – a blog via voice – Audioboo, Twibble – GPS twitter updates – and Zyb – which synchronises contacts and your calendar

  • Map of wifi hotspots, mobile and 3G coverage

  • Embedded players for livestreaming/liveblogging

  • Geotagging information for mapping

  • An ‘Always-on’ approach – tweet on the go; share images; stream quick video. Think humour, art, quirky, as much as ‘news’. Prepare yourself and users for when you need it.

  • Being part of a mobile community – follow people on Twitter

  • Being creative with mobile, not formulaic: the rules aren’t written yet
For anyone who can’t watch the session live (which lasts approximately 45minutes), Paul will be embedding the lecture onto his blog.

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At 1/11/09 7:48 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

I have found Qik has better quality video than Bam.

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