14 May 2009

Hyperlocal Training and Revenue Sharing

CN Group is providing training and sharing revenues with community journalists as part of its hyperlocal site development.

Nick Turner, head of the group's digital content development, said at the Digital Editors Network meeting in Preston this week that the 19 hyperlocal sites around Cumbria provide a bridge between the newspapers and the community. Both groups and individuals contribute content directly to the sites, and correspondents get 25% of the ad revenue generated. Advertising on the hyperlocal sites is priced low to attract community businesses.

Training, some of it offered in conjunction with the University of Cumbria, is provided in local libraries.

Turner said local correspondents tend to have a different agenda from journalists; they feel connected with their communities and are interested in trying to resolve issues rather than exacerbate problems. He emphasized that the correspondents provide additional information but that it is not generally the same sort of information that journalists provide and is not a replacement for journalism.

A report on journalism.co.uk provides additional details.

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