17 December 2008

Pulitzer Permits Net-Only Entries

Online-only newspapers will be eligible for consideration as Pulitzer Prize winners for the first time next year.

Newspapers have been allowed to enter pieces with online elements to compete for one of the 14 journalism awards before but this will be the first time that fully digital publications will be allowed to submit entries.

However, an administrator for the prestigious awards told Editor & Publisher that entered material will have to come from online news providers which publish online at least weekly.

Sig Gissler added that prize hopefuls must ensure they “are primarily dedicated to original news reporting, are dedicated to coverage of ongoing stories and … adhere to the highest journalistic principles”.

Gissler also stated that the move reflects the intention for the Pulitzers to “keep up with the changing media landscape”.

Further details can be found on the Pulitzer website.

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